About Us

Rip City Software is a boutique Microservices architecture company based in Portland, OR. We want to guide your organization as you transition from on-premises to Cloud Native development while training your employees to take over from us as soon as they are able.

Our services include assessing the readiness of your organization, identifying ideal pilot projects, defining specific services based on business logic, building CI/CD pipelines, training developers, coaching and advising.

RCS can help you plan, design and implement your transition from a Monolithic codebase to a Microservices architecture and to train your employees to become self-sufficient and Cloud Native in their future development.

Meet the Team

Working at RCS isn’t just a job, it’s an opportunity for your future. In the same way we transfer knowledge to customers, we also transfer knowledge to our team members. We encourage our employees to actively participate in company blog posts, contribute to our internal process guides, and participate in expert groups and conferences.


Chris Maki

Founder & CEO

Ryan Sasser

Senior Software Engineer

Andy Litman

Senior Software Engineer

Forrest Loomis

Senior Software Engineer

Pari Veldurthi

Senior Quality Engineer

Darin Swanson