Rip City Software Client Engagement Model

By Chris Maki | March 20, 2019

We work with your leadership, development and operations teams to create a plan customized to your needs


Our client engagement model is designed to understand your companies' needs. Every company has its own unique culture and processes. Our engagement model is designed to help us understand what works best for your company and create an implementation plan customized for you. The journey to adopt a continuous delivery strategy is specific to your company, we want you to have a successful implementation and not disrupt your customers. As we like to say, we want to help you "change the engine while the car is moving."

Here is our process:

  1. Your goals - Where do you want to be in 12 - 24 months?

  2. Discovery - What is your current software delivery process? How does engineering and operations work today?

  3. Plan - Short term and long- term plan to adopt a continuous delivery strategy.

  4. Implementation We work alongside your teams to help you implement your continuous delivery strategy.

Here is a more detailed overview of our process.

Your Goals

How do you want to change your current software development and software deployment process? Our primary object is to understand what you want and why you want to change your existing process. What’s the driver for making this change: budget, time to market, improved developer productivity, or a more traceable software delivery process?

Continuous Delivery is the ability to get changes of all types—including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments—into production, or into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way.

— Jez Humble
Co-Author of Continuous Delivery

What’s best for your company? We work with you to determine where you are at today and where you’d like to be in about a year. It took Amazon four years to adopt a microservice architecture and Google roughly two. How long it takes to implement a continuous delivery strategy depends on many factors.


Once we understand the goals and drivers for your continuous delivery strategy, we meet with key members of your development and operations teams. This is usually a short one- or two-day exercise to get a "boots on the ground" understanding of what’s working and not working and become familiar with your teams biggest challenges.


With an understanding of the challenges being faced by your teams and senior managements goals, we create an implementation plan. We review the plan with senior management and once approved we share the findings, as appropriate, with development and operations.

We recommend most companies start with a small team of people that have already expressed an interest in continuous delivery. Folks from operations, development and business. Together this team will pilot the process and be champions for your continuous delivery strategy. While the concepts of continuous delivery are applicable to most companies, how to adopt them is unique to your organization. The pilot teams will help define how a continuous delivery strategy is implemented at your company.


In addition to working with you to create a continuous delivery strategy and implementation plan, we also provide multi-day training sessions that cover a variety of topics from developer productivity to managing requirements in a continuous delivery organization. Our team can work alongside your existing developers and operations staff, helping them adopt your continuous delivery strategy. We can also provide pair-programming support where our team members pair with your existing developers or operations folks.

We adapt to your needs; we can show you how to leverage the latest technologies to help you reach your customers faster, but we are always following your lead. If you want to move faster, we can do that, if you want to move slower, we are happy to do that too. We want what’s best for your teams and customers.

Want to get Started?

Implementing a continuous delivery strategy can be a daunting process. The benefits are well documented, however there are many different ways to deploy a solution that works for your company. We’re here to help you navigate these options and create a plan that’s suited to your organization and your requirements.

Are you ready to get started today? If so, please reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!

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